Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The power of staging, again

Last week I was called in to consult on a very nice home in desirable area. It had been for sale by owner for a month or so then the real estate agent came on board.

He realized right away that even though it was nicely decorated, he knew with a few changes it could be great.

I came in and made several simple suggestions: Move furniture for better traffic flow, removed small area scatter rugs to make the room less choppy, and we even talked about painting over a small mural in the kitchen.

I met the homeowners on a Thursday night. They did much of the work themselves including painting over their beloved mural. On that Saturday's open house, the house SOLD!

Prepping a house for sale is decluttering but it is also depersonalization (the mural) and making the house appear as large as possible (traffic flow). The hardest part of this for homeowners is depersonalization because there is not objectivity - the exact reason to bring in a professional home stager.

The homeowners and real estate agent are thrilled! and so am I.


How about you, do you need so professional objectivity to get your house sold? call me (716- 912-1581)

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home staging said...

Good for you. Yeah, what you said is so true. Home staging indeed does significantly help to sell homes(and for more money). Clearly, everyone would rather buy a more attractively-seeming home.