Monday, January 22, 2007

Small decorating challenge - Kitchen Storage

Small decorating changes can make large differences in how a room looks and feels. Here is a simple decorating challenge for you. Show me how you store items in your kitchen. The more unique the better.This homeowner uses a vintage shoe-shine box. It has room for the wooden spoons and spatulas. And a nifty carrying handle. Isn't it cool! The best part is that the homeowner is kinda a shoe freak. It is a great match of passion with function.

Show me what you have. Send me an e-mail with a photo. I'll share them with others.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Extra seating

I was recently working on a client's home where we needed to fill in a big empty corner. I simply took the ottoman and added a pillow - viola - an extra chair. With a magazine rack beside it, you have a nice spot for reading. The best aspect was no money was spent.

If you have no-cost "fill-in-an-empty-spot" ideas, please send them to me. I would love to share them with others.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

What are you watching?

A New year often brings new goals. What is your goal this year?For a few people this year a goal will be getting your house ready to sell.

If you doubt that thoroughly preparing your home for selling is optional, just take a look at Nielson ratings on HGTV shows.

The top 10 HGTV shows are:
1. House Hunters
2. Design on a Dime
3. My house is worth what?
4. Designed to Sell
5. House Hunters International
6. National Open House
7. Hidden Potential
8. Designer's Challenge
9. Buy me
10. Divine Design.

With 7 out of 10 shows centered on real estate, the public expects to see your house in its best possible light.

Home staging is no longer an option.What are you watching?