Monday, July 28, 2008

Curb Appeal sells your home

Not long ago I was interviewed for an article on the importance of curb appeal in the home selling process.

Here is one copy of the article in a well know Philadelphia site called

It has lots for great tips on making sure those impressions count.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

US News & World Report: Secrets of Home Staging

Recently the magazine US News and World Report featured an article on home staging.
It is a nice overview article on the importance of staging but my favorite sentence is:
"A comprehensive book published last year on the topic is The Complete Idiot's Guide to Staging Your Home to Sell, by Marcia Layton Turner and Julie Dana."
Yes, home staging makes a huge difference when you sell your home. The Home Stylist is ready to help you stage your home and help your real estate agent market the property. Call (716) 912-1581

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Does your house smell?

One of the most difficult parts of my job is to gently tell people that their homes smell. As the saying goes "if you can smell it you can't sell it".

This time of the year it is easy to open all the windows and let the fresh air in. The winter months when the house is closed tight and even in the summer months when the house it closed because of air conditioning, smells can be a problem.

One of my favorite products is Febreze. I know most of you have heard of it and use it. The makers of the miracle product have two other products that I think are marvelous.

Febreze candles:

The core of the candle is the febreze product. As the candle burns, odors are eliminated. I use it and love it!

Febreze Pet odor eliminator:

This is great for dog and cat smells. Helps to eliminate that wet fur smell. I use it and love it!

BTW - I am not compensated for these endorsements - i just love the products and want to share.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's Connect with each other!

Hello faithful readers of my blog. Lately I have been working on beefing up my Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Are you also in Facebook?

Will you be my friend? (I feel like I'm on the grade school playground again)

You'll find me under Julie Dana, of course ;)

Do you know about LinkedIn?

It is a professional networking site. I highly recommend it to connect and reconnect with other professionals.

Let's make a connection.

Interior Decorating and Home Staging is a very personal type of business. I really get to know my clients. I consider many of you my friends. Let's help each other network and connect.