Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fox Run of Orchard Park: A decorating project that makes me happy and sad

I was thrilled to be recently hired to decorate two model homes for a fabulous Full service Lifecare Retirement Community called Fox Run of Orchard Park.

I was so glad to get this project but maybe for reasons that are not so obvious. In the last 4 months my grandma and then my grandfather passed away. I miss them so much. To lose them both so close together was hard but not totally unexpected. They were married for 66 years and they just could not be apart.

At Fox Run, the residents I see are very sharp, very active and fully independent. They remind me of my grandparents. (pictured here while grandpa was on leave during WWII)

Decorating the models at Fox Run makes me a little sad because I miss my grandparents but also a little happy because I enjoy being around seniors. I think Grandparents are one of the coolest categories of people on earth. They have lived history. They have a lot of wisdom. All they usually want from you is a conversation.

So if you still have your grandparents - give them a big hug or a phone call. And have them check out Fox Run of Orchard Park. It is really nice! (I would live there if they would let me)

I'll tell you more about the decorating in future posts

Friday, March 14, 2008

Buffalo area winter curb appeal

I noticed this snow sculpture the other day. The fence, gate and lions are totally made from snow. This is what I call the ultimate in winter curb appeal. Don't you agree?

(March 13, 2008, Oakwood Ave., East Aurora, NY)

Even though I think it is cool, I hope it melts soon. I am ready for spring.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

ShowHouse Review: Honored to be included

Just wanted you to know that The Home Stylist was recently included in a book on Showhouses from around the country.

The purpose of most Showhouses is for professional interior decorators to exhibit their decorating talents in a house (OK it is usually a mansion), with the admission fees for the tour going to a charity.

This book has beautiful colored photographs from spectacular Showhouses. I am honored to be included.

Pick up your copy today and be inspired!

Decorating: Army versus Grandma

I was helping a recent client search for a new couch. As I was looking for an image to send to them (an online client: I am in New York, they live in Iowa), I found a picture that just made me laugh.

The caption read:

If only Iraq was less sandy and more "grandma couchy"

This photo may make you chuckle but be sure to thank a solider today. They could use an uplifting note.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HGTV: Real estate shows are popular

Do you know one of the reasons why you NEED to stage your house when it is on the market? Because HGTV shows about real estate are very popular.

Potential buyers have been watching TV. They are expecting houses to look great. They are expecting that you have put some time and money into preparing your house to sell. Disappointed buyers don't buy houses.

One recent article states:

HGTV had its highest prime-time ratings ever in January. Nine of its top 10 series deal with the housing market, including " House Hunters," "My First Place," "Hidden Potential," "Buy Me" and "Design to Sell." The network did a special Feb. 29 theme day of "taking the big leap," or investing in that first house.

"What's driving interest right now is that people are worried about it -- `what's the value of my home? How can I increase interest in my home?'" said Jim Samples, HGTV president. "And then there's the `life goes on' factor. People are still changing jobs, families are still getting bigger. If anything, they tend to nest in this environment."

If you would like to read more of this article: Real estate cold; real estate TV hot.

The Home Stylist can help you prepare and stage your home. I can help buyers be delighted not disappointed.