Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Decorating article in the WSJ

A few weeks ago I had a newspaper reporter contact me regarding an article about accessorizing homes. She spoke to me for about 45 minutes on the phone. She asked for names and phone numbers of previous decorating clients and photos. The reporter even had follow-up questions for me via e-mail. I was absolutely thrilled because the newspaper was THE WALL STREET JOURNAL! As any good entrepreneur does, I sent out press releases " Local Businesswoman in Wall Street Journal".

Well...I should have known that on the day the article came out a freak winter storm hit - Friday the 13th. The Buffalo area got 20 some inches of snow. I had no electricity (no TV or computer), no heat and kids off from school. Newspaper delivery could not get through. Using my cell phone, I called relatives in other states. Please - Read me the article!

"Sorry but I don't see your name anywhere" What !!??

Later that evening - desiring heat and TV - we drove out-of-state to my in-laws. I get the Wall Street Journal. Yes, I was in there but I can see why it was easy to miss. There was a grand total of ONE sentence that had my name in it.

Now don't get me wrong - I am thrilled to even be in The Wall Street Journal but it would have been nice to have more than one sentence and it would have been nice for local people to know about it. Many Buffalo area residents are still without power and have driving bans. My little sentence pales in comparison to all the damage and lives disrupted.

Believe me - When things return to normal, I will milk that one WSJ sentence for all it is worth!

PS. The kids are still off from school - urgh!