Saturday, July 18, 2009

the demograhics of doilies

I have been very busy these last couple weeks. Who said there is a recession. The housing market is hot.
The last three houses I have done a home staging consultation for have had one thing in common: doilies.
In my most professional manner I kindly explain that the house they are selling is aimed at a certain demographic - young upper mobile professionals.
The doily is not a decor object that normally appeals to that age group.
What I really want to say is doilies reminds that generation of their grandma and they do not want to buy a "little old lady house" - there I have said it.
If you are putting your house on the market - do a doily check. Please remove them from all horizontal surfaces including your end tables, toilet tanks and plant stands.
It is easy to do and costs no money - no excuses. And yes, that means you.

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