Thursday, July 30, 2009

Super busy this summer. why?

In the interior decorating and home staging business, summers can be slower than other times of the year. In this area (Buffalo, NY) folks are finally able to be outside and enjoy the gardens, BBQs, and picnics. The spring is very busy and summer slows down. Not this year!

I am having one of my busiest summers ever. My theory is that the unusually cold and rainy weather has people inside more. They are stuck inside on a rainy day and say to themselves - "I really don't like this room".

With my services of do-it-yourself decorating and staging, homeowners stuck inside can actually afford to make those room transformations by doing some of the work themselves. But more importantly have a plan so they don't make mistakes and save money.

What are you waiting for? Love your home again.


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