Thursday, August 24, 2006

Combo Decorating Styles

I love getting a peek into other peoples' lives. Now I get paid for seeing how they live in their homes. One of my favorite questions to ask homeowners is "How would you describe your style?".

I get a variety of answer but I always smile when they give me combination answers such as "I am traditional with an eclectic mix". I don't like houses to have one specifically labeled style. I think the home's style looks more authentic when it grows and develops. I think, therefore, the homeowners are more interesting if they mix it up and let the style develop as they do.

One of the best phrases a client gave me was describing her decorating style as 'Mixture of Pottery Barn and Fisher-Price".

I personally would describe my style as American Mission with Paper mountains (usually those mountains are just mole hills but the editing and revisions of my book due next week - they mounds are growing)

How would you creatively and honesty described your home's style? I would love to hear about it.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Fun Decorating Phrases

I recently returned from a national decorating conference. It was a lot of fun and inspirational. Here are the top fun decorating phrases that a speaker said during their presentation.

Sherwin-Williams did an excellent presentation on color forecasting. As you may know, much of interior color palettes originally came from fashion first. The speaker told us that while brown is still dominate in fashion, soon black will return so.."Black is the new black" was my favorite phrase from her.

A cheery women from the south talked about window treatments. Fabric and textures at the window really can complete the room. Her phrase.... "Looking at a bare window is like looking at a bare light bulb" Love that!

My last new fun decorating phrase was in regards to preparing a house to sell and staging it. The average potential buyer will look first look at a house in 6 minutes. The quote: "Looking at a houses is like speed dating - you like it or you don't"

Do you have a favorite saying about decorating? I would love to hear about