Saturday, December 9, 2006

Authentic Christmas Decorating

This year I have been in the Christmas spirit a little earlier than usual. I have been helping a family decorate their home for a Holiday Tour of Historic Homes. Both sides of the family are from Swedish decent. They wanted their home to reflect their heritage and interests.

To me this is how decorating should be done, authentic and true to passions not just by the hottest trends. Yes, you need to be up-to-date but balanced with your personal interests.

The newest issue of the magazine "domino" came out the other day. Guess what holiday decorating style was featured? Yep, Scandinavian. I love it when authenticity meets what happens to be cool. Some of the Christmas tree ornaments that are on this Holiday Tour of Homes tree are exact what was on page 63-64 of December's domino.

Swedish decorating is very organic and simple. Here are a few pictures from that house (by the way - the house was built in 1890):

The red berries and ivy came direct from the nearby yard. (no cost decorating at its best).

Even the presents under the tree are wrapped in a simple authentic style. The tree has only white or straw ornaments in keeping with the style.
Some of the above ornaments were personally woven by the homeowner.
I would love to see how you authentically decorate for the holidays. Please send an e-mail to me with photos. I would love to share them. Send them to