Friday, March 23, 2007

Decorator's Show House: The Fifth Wall.

As I had mentioned a few entries ago, I am working on the Buffalo Decorator's Show House. The laundry room will be awesome now that I have spent the last few weeks stripping ugly wallpaper, preparing and priming the walls, and adding trim. I could not do it without help from my buddies Lynn and Carolyn. They make manual labor fun with their stories and gossip.

One "wall" that many people forget about is called the fifth wall or ceiling. It does not have to be white. In the case of the show house, we are painting the fifth wall a gorgeous robin egg blue.

Here is a sneak peak:
Have you painted a ceiling a color? Share some thoughts and photos with me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

carpet samples, tile samples, and...

When I get enthusiastic I tend to talk fast. The other day I was consulting with a new client on their remodeling project in the basement. They wanted my opinion on different choices they were making on this project. The basement had bare drywall and a beautiful custom built bar but not much else (not including the scrap wood, carpentry equipment).

We started with their initial vision for how they will use the room and especially what materials they are considering. So I asked them about the carpet samples and we looked at those. Next I asked about tile samples for around the new bar and we discussed the choices there. Next, I asked about stool samples .... oh yes, I did.

I could not believe I said those words - "stool samples" . Of course I was talking about ideas for seating around the bar but that is certainly not how it came out! (pardon the pun). I was so embarrassed. We all had a good chuckle over that one.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Remote decorating floor plans

The Home Stylist has offered online decorating consultation for several years now. It is so easy and convenient for both the client and myself (I get to work in my jammies).

Here is a recent example. This family wanted to know how to arrange their living room. They had furniture that they have acquire but didn't really love. They hired me to show them what arrangement would work the best and therefore what furniture they should buy. I provided them with several lay-outs to choose from. The before picture shows the room divided into two sections and the TV not in the proper place.

With the new arrangement it flows better and feels balanced. See for yourself..




See how much better it looks. Now the client can purchase the proper furniture and know where to place it.

If this is a service you could use, visit The Home

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Home Staging Tips

Here is a great blog called: Home Staging by Teri B. Clark

She is the author of 301 Simple Things You Can Do to Sell Your Home NOW and For More Money Than you Thought.

The Home Stylist is included in this book (expected to be released soon) as well as in Teri's blog.

Check out that blog here: Home Staging by Teri B. Clark

If you are interested in Teri's book, it can be purchased via her blog and on The Home Stylist's Style Store