Thursday, March 13, 2008

ShowHouse Review: Honored to be included

Just wanted you to know that The Home Stylist was recently included in a book on Showhouses from around the country.

The purpose of most Showhouses is for professional interior decorators to exhibit their decorating talents in a house (OK it is usually a mansion), with the admission fees for the tour going to a charity.

This book has beautiful colored photographs from spectacular Showhouses. I am honored to be included.

Pick up your copy today and be inspired!

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Anonymous said...

Help, I live in a small tract house in LA with a disaster for a living room. Namely, it's a thoroughfare, with an alcove where the fireplace is. Plus the front door opens right in on it. Where do you put the sofa?

Know anyone with an eye in this town whom I can consult with?

I've had two architects over here, and they both were stumped. Thanks for any tips (sorry you live in Buffalo) Jane