Monday, July 16, 2007

My Annoying Assistant

My interior decorating and home staging office - formally known as Toy room and previous to that known as spare bedroom - is the favorite hang-out of the treasured family cat ( BTW - rescued from a hard, cold life).

He was so annoying one day while I was trying to work that I just had to snap a photo. As the joke goes - cats sit on what you are trying to read because they are jealous that they can't read.

Our cat, FunnyFace is his name, is a rather annoying assistant and at times has included a stray hair or two in online decorating packets that get shipped out (sorry).

(And yes, he is that big!)

2 comments: said...

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Jaybird said...

:^) we have his black and white sister at our house.....she even has a black splotch on her nose!!! I love your explanation about them sitting on what you are working on!! I am a pianist and I also do a lot of sewing and yes, Cat is either on the bench, on the top of the piano (she is too fat to fit on the music rack, or you can be sure she would be there!!), or sleeping on the pedals of the piano. If I am sewing, she has learned to beware the pins and needles, but she does have a tendency to sit on the fabric that I am TRYING to get through the machine!!