Friday, June 30, 2006

What are your passions?

I was recently helping a gentleman decorate his new home. It was a new built house and had all new furniture in it. It was very lovely but something was missing. The guy had no accessories or art on the walls at all. None. I asked him why. But...I should have thought before I opened my mouth. Can you guess what he said? He said he recently got a divorce and his wife kept all the furniture and art. He was starting all over again. In the course of my work, I encourage people to get art and accessories that not just look nice but that tell a story about who they are. Accessories should show your passions, interests, hobbies or values. A house is a building. A home represents you. I sent him on a mission to find art and paintings that represents something he has passion about.He is still searching. It seems to me that he was so intertwined before that he lost who he was. Don't you find that kind of sad? Take a look around your home. Do your accessories represent you? If you had to start over, would you get something different? I would love to hear from you.

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