Thursday, July 6, 2006

How to kill a sale

One major component of The Home Stylist is staging a house to sell. I have seen many different types of houses and housekeeping styles. In a recent house I staged, I talked to the homeowner about packing up clutter, removing wallpaper - the usual. But I also said for this house there is one recommendation that you really must do if you want to sell the house. In fact without changing this one issue, you are in fact killing the sale. That issue was the need to remove the cat's litter box from the kitchen. I know - yuck! I love cats and have one myself. But there is a place for cat litter and it is not in the kitchen where you want it to represent the feelings of cleanliness, freshness and food prep. The cat/home owner would not put the litter box in the basement so we compromised by putting it in the bathroom. Just one example of the delicate issues I need to talk to home owners about!

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