Thursday, June 28, 2007

Review of Home Staging Business book

Many people ask me if I would recommend Barb Schwarz's Building a Successful Home Staging Business book: Proven Startegies from the Creator of Home Staging.

Here is my review:

I want to start the review by disclosing that I am an Accredited Staging Professional trained by Barb Schwarz's company Staged Homes.

I can sum up the book by dividing it into three parts.

The book is about 1/3 self promotion about Barb Schwarz and taking her classes. Even though I have taken her class, I know other excellent home stagers that have taken other classes or some that have not taken training classes at all.

About 1/3 of the book is about starting a business. This is a critical part of success. I think other more indepth books on starting a business and marketing it would give you more detailed information.

The other 1/3 is helpful home staging industry specific tips. Most of them are common sense. If you do not know you need to form relationships with real estate agents - this is not a business for you. I think the sample documents in the back of the book are helpful for a new home stager.

So, Yes parts of this book are helpful but it is not the only resource you need.

Do you have an opinion about this book? I would love to hear about it.

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