Tuesday, June 26, 2007

30 pairs of eyes staring at you is not welcoming

I was recently at a home in which the lovely lady of the house wanted advice on decorating.
In the family room, right off the kitchen, was more appropriately called "the trophy room".
On the wall was over 30 creatures that have been mounted. Thus 60 eyeballs looking at anyone who came into the house.

This was not in a gentleman's den or even in a finished basement but one of the main public entertaining rooms on the main floor. This house is also not a lodge or hunting cabin but a regular suburban house in a regular average subdivision/development.
I just had to take photos because it is a classic example of inappropriate decorating. If you want neighbors, friends and family to feel welcomed in your home - do not display a collection such as this.
I am not against hunting - I am against having an uneasy, non-welcoming feeling for those who visit.

Here is what I mean: (and I didn't even photograph them all)

What is your opinion?


Anonymous said...

Looks like our living room when i was young, no wonder my friends never liked to come over! I have a similar home I'm redoing. The lady of the house loves her doll collection ( at least a hundred of them) staring out at you from inside 2 glass enclosed shelving units, in her living room. they are freaky. I'm trying to get her to set aside one non-public room for this collection, but having a hard time convincing her.

melanie said...

Hi, Julie! It's Melanie, just checking in and so glad to see your blog -- it's so wonderful!

I remember a few years ago I visited some friends out of town. The room in their house they had me stay in was painted pastel pink, but had about twenty deer head on the wall. It was quite an odd combination, and it REALLY creeped me out to have all those eyes staring at me all night!

We are in the midst of dealing with this issue in my own home -- my husband is having a deer head mounted right now. He is a hunter and would LOVE our house to look like those photos. I, on the other hand, would not. I decided to give up my art studio and give him a 'trophy room' so it is not in the main part of the house, or the first thing people see upon entering. For my art, I now have a space that has more natural light, but it is in the main part of the house, so I am forced to keep it clean and organized. Keeping my fingers that this will work out for us!

Anonymous said...

This room reminds me of a restaurant near my childhood home, which had every wall covered with animal heads.

Whenever we ate there, my baby brother would hide under the table and cry, because he was so frightened.