Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am a subscriber to the magazine "Home". Lately I have been disappointed in the content. But the issue that I received a couple days ago is awesome. The issue was celebrating the magazine's 25 years. One of my favorite articles was "25 years of Comfort and Style". It was so fun to see photos from the early 1980s. The biggest difference from the older photos to now is definitely the busy patterns. The look now is clean and crisp. Today we have more geometric and less busy florals. Here is a photo from that issue. Can you guess what year it is from? (answer at the bottom of this entry)

The magazine also has a fun article about TV shows and how those interiors have changed over the years. Think about the "Brady Bunch" interiors versus the "Cosby Show "interior, or the "Friends" set.
Think about your house now or what it looked like 25 years ago. How do you decorate differently? If you were to name a TV set your house is most like, what would it be?
(answer: 1983)

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