Saturday, July 22, 2006

The drooling designer

Well let me start this story a couple days ago. About a month ago I had a tooth repaired but this week the pain in that same tooth was getting worse. My appointment was for Friday morning before a noon meeting with a new client. I thought - no problem - I am a "can do it all" type of woman.

I'll go to the dentist and onward to the client. I could not sleep that night because of the pain. I did not have breakfast - mouth too sore. I had lots of Novocaine and plenty of yanking and pulling on my cheek to get to the disobedient tooth. Reapply my lipstick and off to the client I go...

The clients I met with were a lovely retired couple as nice as could be but they were having electric and air conditioning guys over for estimates on repairs. So at noon at almost 90 heat with no breakfast, no sleep, and now a puffy cheek, I was not in peak form. I explained I just returned from the dentist and I normally don't speak or look like this. I, of course, began to give them my fabulous decorating recommendations but speaking was difficult out of only one side of my mouth and I was feeling slightly weak. The lady of the house possibly had hearing problems because she was watching my lips as I spoke - or maybe she was watching me drool I am not really sure.

About now we our touring the large family room addition but the walls of the room are becoming closer and everything went a little gray around the edges... I quickly sat down and asked for some water. Careful so I don't let water slide out the side of my mouth, I get my wits about me again and finish the consult.

We wrap up the meeting and I hurry to my van and crank the AC and head home for soft food and a nap. From what I remember, I am pretty sure I gave them good advice but next time I think I'll try not to be a drooling "can do it all" designer.

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