Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If you are creative, this is something you should never do.

Many people have found The Home Stylist.com from doing a search on "decorating style quiz". I have so many people say to me - "you described my style and my problems exactly". I love hearing that!

What I don't like is people taking my quiz and calling it their own. It is copyrighted. At least the other day someone called me and asked if they could put my quiz on their website. I graciously said no but thanks for asking because so many people just steal it.

In fact I have had people steal pages and pages from my website and just change the company title. URGH! I use http://www.copyscape.com/ to catch people and I have even filed a cease and desist letter. Google pulls the offending site. When you get banned from Google it is not good for your business.

Please, if you are creative enough to be in this interior decorating and staging business, you are creative enough to come up with your own content.

Please don't steal. It is bad.

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Anonymous said...

Since you invite questions, I have one that I've been pondering. I liver in Erie Pa, and like Buffalo we have snow on the ground a good 4-5 months what can I do to help my "curb appeal" when its all covered up?