Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Staging Quiz - Thoughts and Comments

Here is a reader's response to the staging quiz. Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

The quiz came up on my computer with no problems and did calculate my score. I was SO SURE that I had "Aced" this test but only got 8 out of 10 -- "quick learner but needs improvement".

These were my two problems -- and part of it had to do with the way the question was written (in MY opinion):

Question #2 - packing for the move
My answer was AFTER THE CLOSING because you don't want to pack after listing/while showing, you don't want to clutter up the garage and/or closets, or taking it for granted that an accepted offer on the house will go through without a hitch (and usually the house is STILL being shown for backup offers. AND I THOUGHT that "getting rid of clutter & storing it outside the house" was already addressed in another question (which I answered correctly). The correct answer for #2 was PACK BEFORE THE MOVE -- but I interpreted that option as starting to pack and having some boxes in a corner or in the garage, etc. --which you DON'T want. So I picked the "after the closing" even though that is a nightmare because I have gone through that myself -- having to be out in an agreed upon short time. (I do realize that closing usually means the new owner has immediate possession of the house in most cases.

So perhaps the "before the move" option should also say "and stored off the premises"

Question #4 - rule of three
I answered "NO MORE THAN THREE COLORS IN THE ROOM" based on HGTV'S 25 DON'Ts IN DECORATING. They meant base/dominate colors, of course, but it also included not using pillows and other accessories in every color of the rainbow with your three basic colors. Too busy instead of calming, and the buyers will miss other key elements in the room. The show did address heights but it had to do with groupings like a bookcase, chair, table & lamp, etc. You want mixed heights. They said some people will arrange furniture up against a wall in a stair-step fashion - tall piece, medium piece, and short piece (which of course breaks another rule about your furniture looking like it is in a "police lineup"!)

Arranging accessories in the three mixed heights IS a very good idea, but it is more of an OPTION, not a "must" or "staging rule". Having too many colors (as with having too many frames, collectibles, etc.) is a definite no-no.

However, it was an interesting and eye-opening test and something anyone concerned with decor SHOULD take -- either to stage a house for sale -- or re-stage/decorate to make it welcome for guests and more enjoyable to live in.



Corpus Christi, TX

I think Carol has some good points. When I took the staging quiz I got 10 out of 10. I had better since that is what I do for a living (ha ha). How about you? Any question that got you stumped?


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