Monday, August 25, 2008

Decorating a bomb shelter

I must confess that one of the reasons I became a decorator and stager is so I can see into other people's home. I love seeing how other people live and how people define their homes.

I have seen many different types of houses and styles ...and um...levels of cleanliness. But not long ago I had the unique opportunity to work on a large estate that has a bomb shelter on it. Pretty cool!

It was about 900 square feet. It has a kitchen and bathroom and all the proper ventilation and generators to make it work.

I can't tell you the exact location to respect the owners and also to prevent mischievous teens from locating it. (ya know what I mean!)

Have you ever been in a bomb shelter? If you had a space like this what would you do with it?

One thought I had is to let my sons use it as a "music" room - or specifically a drum practice room ;)

How about you? Throw an annual theme party? Stash Christmas presents in it?

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