Saturday, May 17, 2008

These homeowners get a prize!

The other day (May 14 to be exact) I did a home staging consultation in a great neighborhood, nice house, and lovely homeowners. They had already found their next home and need to get this one sold as soon as possible.

One major issue I found was:

Yep...these homeowners still had their Christmas tree up, decorated and even had a couple poinsettia plants. Yes, this was in the middle of May!

Thinking that maybe they could be a military family and are wanting for someone to get back home to celebrate, I wanted to be sensitive about it. No, that was not the case.

They bought this large pre-decorated tree last holiday season but when they went to put it away in the basement, it was too tall for their low basement ceiling so they just decided to leave it. (OK but that doesn't explain the small poinsettia plants)

I told them it absolutely needs to go in the garage with a sheet over it. It can't be in the house nor can the home be photographed with the Christmas tree in it.

Yes, they get a prize! (I didn't tell them they won - I have some decorum)

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