Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Decorating and Home Staging rates

As a small business owner, I keep a close tab on my bottom line. I try to keep a good balance of giving value to my customers but also making sure I make a profit. I never aim to make a huge profit but as you know the purpose of having a business (and not a charity) is to make money.

As the cost of gas has increased dramatically in the last few months, I have had to increase my prices. When almost all of the profit from a job goes into the gas tank and not the bank - something had to change.

Here are two examples of my most popular services and the price changes:
Home Staging Consultation is $149 (was $130)
Do-it-yourself Decorating Plans is $79 an hour (was $69).

(By the way - I am one of only a few professionals that put prices right on the website - I want people to know upfront what to expect)

As you can see, I did not increase them dramatically but just enough to make sure I can put gas in my tank and get to your home and back. Thank you for understanding. Wave at me when you see me at the gas pump.

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