Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bathroom Design Questions

A recent question I received in The Home Stylist mailbox:
"I was wondering what your opinion was on me keeping my really-good-shape pinkish tub - or spend the $500 to get it refinished in white? All the rest of the bathroom will be white w/blue pearlescent accent tile in shower, and a tan floor. I'm just about done with getting bathroom remodeled but I do still have one small wall that has wallpaper with the small pink roses that I still love - so I thought maybe I could get away with it? What do you think?"

My answer:

Even though you are not getting ready to sell (at least not for the next couple years) I would definitely change the tub to white. It is more universally appealing and will shave decades off the room. Bathrooms are something you use everyday, several times a day. You want the bathroom to assist you in making you feel good, refreshed and up-to-date. A pink bathtub is an old color (like a grandma house) has limiting decorating choices. I also recommend removing the wallpaper. It sounds like it is been up for a while and a dated motif. A fresh new paint color or a hip new wallpaper will start you day with a smile and a lift to your spirits. These small cosmetic changes are well worth the money.


Anonymous said...

I too have odd colored bathroom fixtures... robin's egg blue tub and toilet.

I'm going to have the toilet replaced soon, with something less water-hogging and in white.

The person asking about her pink tub was going to have it refinished or reglazed... Does this really work?

Are there some things to look for in a refinishing company/job?


Anonymous said...

Hi Egg Blue Tub,

Yes, it most definitely made a huge difference! And you can feel good about it because it's the "green" thing to do - resalvage. I went with Munro Bath Refinishers & there is a coupon in Verizon phone book. However, they spray epoxy - couldn't stay in house for 2 days! Let me know how it turns out. Also, get the non-slip coating - so worth it!