Friday, May 25, 2007

Getting out of the dog-house

A few weeks ago I successfully navigated out of the proverbial doghouse. My dear sweet husband was not going to be too happy with me but a local company helped me out. Here is the letter I sent to that company because it is so important to praise people and businesses that do a good job. Here is the letter to a car wash/detail company called Delta Sonic in my area:

I want to tell you a good story about your wonderful company...

My dear husband is an absolute car fanatic. He has never been to a Delta Sonic because "nobody can clean and detail like I do" Our vehicles are always in a just-washed and just-vacuumed condition.

I am an interior decorator and was going to a job site with my professional painter. When we arrived at the client's home we saw that a full gallon of paint primer spilled in the back of my vehicle!

Thinking quickly - with a slight panic around the edges - I drove to the nearest Delta Sonic.

Your employees were wonderful. They worked and worked on the paint spill until it was completely gone. It looked spectacular. It looked so good I probably didn't even have to tell my husband but the very slight chemical smell gave it away.

My dear husband's next question "how much did it cost to get it cleaned?" (he is extremely frugal too).

When I showed him the less-than-$30-bill he was very pleasantly surprised.

And I did not have to sleep on the couch!

Thank you Delta Sonic!!!!


Have you praised or thanked a company lately? I am sure they would love to hear from you!

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