Friday, March 23, 2007

Decorator's Show House: The Fifth Wall.

As I had mentioned a few entries ago, I am working on the Buffalo Decorator's Show House. The laundry room will be awesome now that I have spent the last few weeks stripping ugly wallpaper, preparing and priming the walls, and adding trim. I could not do it without help from my buddies Lynn and Carolyn. They make manual labor fun with their stories and gossip.

One "wall" that many people forget about is called the fifth wall or ceiling. It does not have to be white. In the case of the show house, we are painting the fifth wall a gorgeous robin egg blue.

Here is a sneak peak:
Have you painted a ceiling a color? Share some thoughts and photos with me.


Anonymous said...

Nice Hairnet!

Jennifer said...

Too bad I can't upload this picture of my husband painting our ceiling when we first moved in here in '04, because it really reminds me of how strenuous and painful that whole experience was! Talk about a pain in the neck! And because it's our first house, we weren't professionals at painting -- still aren't! Finally a guy at Home Depot told us to use a flat paint on the ceiling, because we were using satin as for the walls and the lines kept showing up. And to paint in an 'M' or 'W' pattern, not straight up and down.

Zimri said...

Well said.